Zyliss   Adding flavor to the kitchen


Adding flavor to the kitchen

Research+Strategy, Engineering, Industrial Design, Innovation


Red Dot
— Mix-n-Measure Cups (2007),
— Smart Touch Salad Spinner (2008)
— Pizza Slicer (2009)

— Silver — Lock-n-Lift Can Opener (2008)
— Bronze — Smart Touch Salad Spinner (2008)

— Smart Touch Salad Spinner (2008)
— Y-handled Peelers (2008)
— Susi II Garlic (2007);

Spark Award
— Silver — Lock-n-Lift Can Opener (2008),
— Bronze — Salad Spinner (2008),
— Bronze — Mix-n-Measure Cups (2008)


About Zyliss

Zyliss sought RKS Design’s expertise to increase global market share long term. Particular design themes and patterns were uncovered throughout the research phase. In each case, the need for innovation, reliability , ease of cleaning , ergonomics and high design were benchmarked to fuel the creation of this line of global products. These themes inspired the RKS team to create a portfolio of more than 50 products that emphasized not just functionality, but true pleasure in the handling, use, display and even washing of the kitchen tools.

We all love beautiful, efficient and convenient products. RKS, led by Ravi Sawhney, is a design firm who not only completely understands these needs but is also very capable to put it within the context of branding and differentiation. Starting with the first meeting, between Zyliss and RKS, both teams enjoyed a great chemistry and communication which led to wonderful creations of new and successful products.
— Hardy Steinmann CEO of Zyliss