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Spark Award —  Bronze (2012)

From ambition to execution, RKS has delivered us an award-winning solution both on time and in budget!
— Matthew Joynes, Founder and Chairman of Wikipad


Launch a Technology and Brand of Tablets for Gamers

Wikipad came to RKS with an exciting challenge: designing a high-end tablet with a removable gaming controller to reduce the barriers between touch screens, which are not optimized for gaming use, and high-end gaming controllers, which offer game players much more precise and responsive manipulation. In addition to the industrial design of both devices, RKS also developed a brand platform for Wikipad, including brand positioning, logo, style guide, U.I., packaging design as well as the company’s corporate website.


Conducted Research with Hardcore and Casual Gamers Alike

Using the Psycho-Aesthetics® methodology, the RKS strategy team defined the opportunity space for Wikipad. The team established a positioning framework distinguishing between two extreme gaming experiences: “the light side”, casual and family games, and “the dark side”, action and shooter games. The gaming tablet was positioned more towards “the dark side” to target young male gamers while representing the aesthetics of pro-gaming gear. The team also conducted research and observed that hardcore gamers would play for hours without rest. As a result, design optimized the center of gravity in such a way that one’s arms are always perfectly relaxed, so users can maintain optimal gaming performance much longer. The thickness of the controller was also optimized to offer enough grip for all hand sizes while keeping the Wikipad light enough to fit a mobile lifestyle.


A Cutting Edge Tablet, Brand, and Controller Designed for Work and Play

The Wikipad tablet provides a versatile experience in one platform for both working and gaming. It functions either as a cutting-edge Android tablet, or, by adding the controller, as a powerful gaming system. A friction based lock mechanism secures the two elements together, eliminating potential concerns about dropping and damaging. The control buttons are optimized for gaming and placed in a standard, but ergonomically optimized configuration, which creates a feeling of familiarity in users while increasing performance. The final branding reflects the duality of gaming and working through a logo with the four directional buttons of a gamepad overlaid on the contours of a tablet.