Vesta Life   Headphones meet femme fatale

Vesta Life

Headphones meet femme fatale

Research+Strategy, Industrial Design, Engineering


CES Innovation – Vestalife – Firefly and Mantis (2010);
iLounge – Best in Show – Vestalife BumbleBee, Boa and Scarab earbuds (2010), Firefly (2009);
GOOD Design – Firefly (2009), Pi Headphones (2009), Bum- bleBee, Boa and Scarab earbuds (2009);
Spark! Chal- lenger – Vestalife – Firefly (2009), Jewelbox (2009) 


About Vesta Life

RKS designed a range of speaker and headphone products targeting the female iPod user that would enable Vestalife to successfully differentiate in a saturated market. The overall look and feel of these high perceived value headphones and speakers were inspired by colorful jewelry rather than following the common appeal of consumer electronics in this space.

Tapping this new audience of fashion-forward women was key for the products getting fast-tracked to market, as was the choice to pursue a design based on an aesthetic-focused competitive analysis.