StageSource L3T Speaker System   A live sound innovation

StageSource L3T Speaker System

A live sound innovation

Research+Strategy, Industrial Design, Engineering



Designed the first digital, portable PA system for musicians

Line 6, a world leading musical instrument and amplifier manufacturer, approached RKS to collaborate in the creation of a game changing loudspeaker system design that would convey the product’s unparalleled capabilities and performance. The challenge was to create a truly disruptive experience that takes full advantage of the system’s technology in a number of scenarios, whether in the home, on stage, or in the studio.

Determined the optimal positioning strategy for this groundbreaking technology

Through a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape and the creation of target demographic personas, the RKS research team determined that opportunity territories centered on flexibility, durability, portability, and performance. The team then translated these themes into a design concept that could provide versatile functionality in an elegant form, in order to clearly differentiate this speaker system in the market. Ergonomics, ruggedness, easy transportation and set up, sound performance as well as the integration of the proprietary Line 6 smart networking system and a variety of sensors to intelligently monitor speaker use were implemented throughout the process.

A beautiful, yet versatile family of transportable speakers

The result was the compact, flexible and intuitive L3t Speaker System. The L3t’s innovative rectangular box design can be used in any number of stage or home scenarios and set up situations. The pillarlike concept was chosen because of its fresh, elegant appearance and its ability to be functionally versatile. When in a vertical position, the L3t functions as a PA system, and when horizontal, it functions as a monitor. With its onboard accelerometer and pole mount sensors, the device can automatically detect the speaker’s orientation and set the Smart Speaker mode accordingly. With its networking capabilities, the device intelligently recognizes other audio equipment in the environment. This makes using the L3t with multiple speakers as simple as using it independently. With these features, the L3t provides best-of-class performance in multiple live sound functions.