Making Summers Better

OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

Overcoming Spray Repellent’s Shortcomings

SC Johnson engaged RKS to innovate a strategy and design for their brand OFF!' s second generation of personal sprayless protection. The goal was to create an all new system to conveniently release OFF!’s formula, deterring insects while ditching the tedious method of spraying it on the body.

Our process took us across various geographies to understand and resonate with people’s challenges, pre-dispositions, hesitations and interests in the concept of wearable repellant technology. As we translated the research into strategy for our designers, concepts of low profile designs emerged as being the sweet spot for people; something that was visually subtle and yet covered a sense of efficacy.

The final design houses a small clipped device and utilizes a quiet, battery-powered fan to circulate odorless repellent, creating a protective barrier that deters pests, resulting in a huge success for SC Johnson to further proliferate their OFF! portfolio of offerings. This easy to use system now allows relaxing in the backyard, camping, sporting events, and many other outdoor activities to be both fear and mosquito free!