RKS Joins Cross Campus in the Cowering Office Revolution

Published on March 13th, 2014

Coworking: the simple idea of independent professionals, or those with office flexibility, working together in a shared space under a set of shared values such as collaboration, openness, community, accessibility or sustainability. Originating in San Francisco in 2006, co-working has given birth to a new era of workplace collaboration and communication. Taking potential start-ups companies and entrepreneurs out of coffee shops and into shared spaces, adapting traditional work-spaces to match the fast-paced, and now mobile, working world. Sharing more than just an office, coworking spaces provide inspiring atmospheres, opportunities for members to build relationships and a location to generate unexpected social collisions.

With a desire to be at the forefront of this workplace revolution, RKS is happy to announce the launch of a satellite office at Cross Campus, right in the center of this young and dynamic community of progressive thinkers and passionate doers. Cross Campus is the largest and most dynamic coworking space in Los Angeles. Designed to help a diverse community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads achieve peak productivity, they believe that sparking innovations need nothing more than a group of opened minded people operating together in an open space. With the opening of their new location in the heart of Silicon Beach, a 3-mile stretch of sand from Venice to Santa Monica nicknamed after the tech start-up area Silicon Valley, Cross Campus is in a prime location for groundbreaking design and innovation to come to fruition.

“The new Cross Campus space is our version 2.0. It’s an exciting opportunity to continue to refine the ideal work and event environment,” shares Ronen Olshasky, Cross Campus Executive, “Having RKS Design’s satellite office at Cross Campus is exciting, particularly since Ravi Sawhney has been an advisor to our company from the day we launched.”

“Our decades of experience in working with entrepreneurs and start-ups make us a valuable resource for Cross Campus members” explains CEO of RKS, Ravi Sawhney, “Both of our companies crave high energy environments and a desire for game changing experiences and we’re happy to be accessible to this part of the community.” As a top tier design and innovation consulting firm specializing in human focused solutions with global impact, RKS is eager to provide support and mentorship across all relevant design disciplines for high potential startups in their early stage, as well as delivering innovative work to our existing client base.


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Both of our companies crave high energy environments and a desire for game changing experiences and we’re happy to be accessible to this part of the community.

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