The Psycho-Aesthetics Process



Conducting Desktop Global Research

Curating Trends

Generating Research Hypothesis

Creating Hypothetical Concepts

Conducting Ethnographic Studies

Interviewing Stakeholders

Creating Stimuli

Conducting Co-Creation Sessions

Creating Research Plan

Screening Criteria and Discussion Plans



Generating Insights

Creating Go To Market Strategies

Benchmarking Competition

Developing Personas

Identifying Consumer Triggers

Developing Help Me Statements

Mapping Opportunity Zones

Developing Customer Experience Journey

03 Key Attractors

Identifying Category Attractors

Defining Solution Criteria

Fedingin Key Product Attractors


04 Hero's Journey

Outlining Hero's Journey for Key Personas

Defining Moments of Truth

Defining Avenues of Consumer Attraction

Engagement and Adoption/Purchase

Creating Viral Demand

05 Design

Brainstorming in Creative Immersion Sessions

Ideating & Conceptualizing

Creating & Iterating Concepts

Development of Wireframes

Mapping Proposed Solutions

Exploring Colors, Materials & Finishes


P/A Validating of Proposed Solution

Developing the Brand

Developing Elevator Pitch


06 Execution

Developing the Product/Service

Integrating Partnerships

Engineering/Programming the Product

Creating Go To Market Solutions

Creating Fast Fails

Iterative Testing of Prototypes

Testing of Beta Versions

Cycles of Design/Engineering Improvements


Tolling, Press Check and Producing

Conducting Pilot Studies

Ramping Up Production

07 Moments of Truth

Empowering Consumers

Rewarding Customers

Creating Heroic Evangelists

Generating Viral Demand


The P/A Map

The Hero's Journey