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Identifying Key Factors of a Great Shower Experience

Develop a visual design language that provides timeless visual inspiration that is captured in a great shower. A shower is an experience that can give you a fresh start for your day, an escape from reality for a few blissful moments, or a time to renew and refresh yourself before the evening. The design language needed to symbolize these great experiences and provide the immersive beauty of a spa experience.

Developing Architectural Purity

Our design development process started with analysis and reviews of alternative quality products. Each of these competitors was physically tested and critiqued for beauty and performance and mapped to develop the landscape of the competition.

To advance the this category with our design leadership we crafted amazing visuals, interactive engagements, and quality aspects that we continued to evolve through generations of iterative designs starting with series’ of sketches, renderings, study models and appearance models that were crafted from beautiful metal materials and used for interacting with the engineering and production teams insuring perfection of execution.

An Unmatched Spa Experience

Beauty, elegance and quality immerse the user in a rewarding Spa Experience. Presented in refined surfaces and detailed touch points that create functional jewelry for the shower and bath.