Game Winning Design

NFL Sensor

Client:     Zebra MotionWorks


Design Next-Generation Sensors for NFL Player Tracking.

Winning and losing in sports is not merely about being the physically superior athlete any longer, but also about being more mentally prepared. This is why the NFL, Zebra and RKS collaborated to create new “game-changing” sensors to capture player location and motion data in real time for better data analytics.


Determined the Unique Design Specifications that Would Be Required.

From a design perspective, placing sensors on NFL players introduces a whole host of obstacles. Most importantly, the team quickly determined that sensor design would need to be extremely rugged in order to withstand the bone-crunching blows that take place on every snap. At the same time, however, as these would be placed on the highest caliber of athletes, we knew that the sensors could not in any way detract from performance, or distract players on the field. Therefore, the sensors had to both be extremely rugged while also being completely hidden and virtually impossible to feel.

soltuion 2.jpg

A Sensor Design that Seamlessly Integrates into NFL Uniforms, as if It Were Not There at All

Zebra’s MotionWorks sensors are hidden within the shoulder pads of players, making them just a part of the uniform for players, and are able to capture an array of data that can then be used for performance review, team training, scouting and evaluation.