Getting Kids to Dance


Client:     Neurosmith Toys

Awards:     IDEA — Gold (2003); Toy Industry Association “Most Innovative Toy of the Year”; Amazing Toy Award; Dr Toys’s 10 Best High Tech Toys;  Dr. Toy’s 100 Best children’s Toys (2002); Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Toy Award (2004); Parents Magazine Best Toys of the Year; Family Fun Magazines Toys of the Year Finalist

The concept is unique and fun.


Create an Interactive Toy which Implements Neurosmith’s Sound and Vibration Sensing Technology

Being able to create a high-level design work within challenging time constraints is what often dictates the success or failure of a product. Neurosmith, an educational toy manufacturer, reached out to RKS Design in order to create a new product concept for kids based on a technology that could sense vibrations and sound. Despite the great opportunity, an extremely tight schedule presented an enormous obstacle that needed to be overcome in order to guarantee the client’s success at the next toy fair. Only through a well-integrated effort and flexible process involving research, design and engineering could this goal be achieved with high quality standards.


Analyzed Children’s Playing Habits to Better Understand How to Engage Them

A detailed project plan was put in place, assuring key processes and decisions would be covered efficiently to meet the required deadlines. Using a focused analysis of young kids playing habits, RKS’ design team decided on a solution that would promote the high interactivity offered by the technology using a combination of music, movement and colors. Additionally, the team worked on three-dimensional form factors that would be dynamic enough to generate impact and curiosity in the market. Finally, the product design identity followed the company’s brand guidelines in order to promote consistency across different channels.


A Uniquely Engaging Children’s Toy that Senses a Child’s Movements to Create Unique Musical Compositions

Musini was released on time as a revolutionary toy that magically converts kids’ energy into music and creativity. Its patented MagicSensor technology transforms any room into a musical playground where every step, turn, touch, and tap activates a unique musical response. Children simply select their favorite musical styles and instruments and start moving while Musini does the rest – sensing the strength and speed of each vibration and responding with a totally personal and unique musical composition. The product encourages physical expression and creativity, rewarding each movement with inspiring music.