Vacation Planning Made Fun


Let's Get Away



Simplify Vacation Planning

Vacations can be complex to plan and book. Taking up the challenge to simplify the process, RKS decided to craft a vacation planning experience that elicited the feelings of excitement, anticipation, curiosity, and glee that are normally associated with going on the trip itself. The challenge was to create an app that brought both ease and excitement to vacation planning.


Turn Planning into a Game

Through exploring several user experience concepts, the team found that a touchscreen interface, with rich imagery and an easy-to-read layout would create a communal experience where a group of people could discuss vacation possibilities around the table. The team then paper prototyped the app in order to identify key sections and what sorts of emotions those sections elicited. This process lead to a gamification model which challenged users to set a budget, then build a vacation package that would come under that budget.


An Engaging App Experience

The team created an engaging, interactive vacation planning app that entertains users through what was previously a tedious process. With the app, users are provided a fun experience that results in a summary of their upcoming vacation plans in the form of an itinerary compiled from their selections.