Democratizing Wellness

Ion Torrent

Client:     Life Technology

Creativity + Strategic Thinking = RKS. Atypical of many design firms, Ravi and Lance have brought together a team of passionate, talented designers, researchers, strategists and experience experts that deliver quality results.
— Joseph Lee, Chief Design Officer of Life Technologies


Revolutionary Technology For a Better World

One of the most secretive programs RKS has ever been awarded, the technology of Ion Torrent represents a breakthrough for humanity with its ability to sequence DNA in only two hours and for only $1,000. The program was on a fast track as the flagship of the global design language RKS was developing for Life Technologies.


Transform the Product to Bring Relevance and Break UX

Starting out from a dated design, the strategy and design teams overcame a number of challenges from facilitating multiple experiments to run sequentially and seamlessly.  Armed with deep global insights for the design language being developed, this program served as a test bed for the company’s emerging language.


A Multi-Billion Dollar Flagship

The result was announced to the world at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Ion Torrent represents the opportunity to change the lives of everyone on the planet with its ability to quickly and economically analyze our predispositions to disease, to design individual treatments, to test foods and their sources for purity and quality and to democratize health globally.

RKS’ work on the design and delivery of the system created a simple and compact form that houses complex technologies without compromising ease of use.