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About Innovio

Callectra is the brainchild of leading biomedical researchers and developers who have focused on immunotherapy. The first generation of device was brought to us as a “proof of concept” used on farm animals to prove that their electroporation technology works to break down protective barriers in the DNA and increase uptake of gene therapies. Our work was under an NIH grant and took us to several hospitals interviewing researchers, practitioners and patients. Electroporation uses five needs inserted inter-muscular into the patient’s arm or thigh. The sight alone of five needles caused patients to tense their muscles from fear of pain so we shielded the needles within a soft pad which when pressed gives the impression of a single needle minimizing pain and anxiety. We then deliver the vaccine though the center of those needles through a robotic delivery system, all contained in a fully sanitary disposable consumable user experience. Working with those who are creating the future of medical science is inspiring and fulfilling for the RKS team. It doesn’t get any better than helping to save lives!

Our Syncon vaccine platform has enabled us to design preventive and therapeutic vaccines for a myriad of cancers and infectious diseases. The potential of this approach is staggering.
— Dr. Niranjin Sardeasi