Redefining System Component Selection

Hamilton Arc Brand Identity

Client:     Hamilton


Industrial Solutions Redefined

RKS was challenged to create the brand for Hamilton Sensing’s ARC industrial sensor division used in process control. To help the company unify its product lines and achieve a leadership position, a comprehensive research, strategy and design program was necessary.


Determine the Brand’s Positioning

The strategy team conducted deep interviews and site visits at the processing plants to understand the decision processes involved in specifying sensors that go online in a pressing plant. Based on this international research, the team strategized and identified key triggers for success using personas, competitive benchmarking and Psycho-Aesthetics to align the criteria for market disruption.


Sucess by a Targeted UX

A brand icon, templates for product sheets, web UX, overall brand language, and guidelines for product descriptions and copy were all developed to define the Hamilton ARC brand philosophy and its value.