Co-Creating a New Era in Fresh Food

Published on June 15th, 2014

On June 03, 2014, designers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders came together at the co-working space, Cross Campus, to attend the debut of RKS Sessions. A monthly designed-focused event series, RKS Sessions is hosted in the heart of Silicon Beach and showcases luminaries focused on cutting edge user experience, brand, service and product design. “Giving design priority in your business strategy is an absolute necessity” explains Ravi Sawhney, CEO and founder of RKS. “RKS Sessions features renowned experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who will illustrate their personal philosophy and just how important design has been to their success.”

RKS Sessions are hosted the first Tuesday of every month at Cross Campus. Each speaking engagement or mini conference centers a speaker’s design philosophy or process for their company or industry. With topics spanning from user-centered design to social entrepreneurship to how to create meaningful experiences that impact both brand and profits, RKS Sessions will bring forward leaders from a variety of industries to show the versatility of the design process.

Kicking off the series, entrepreneur John Styn shared the story behind the groundbreaking fresh food delivery service, FreshRealm. FreshRealm is a cloud-based technology business specializing in increasing efficiencies in the fresh food ecosystem while making the world a better place. By organizing and streamlining existing systems, data and markets, they aim to bring fresh food to everyone while eliminating both the high amount of spoilage and false demand that contributes to food waste. “We connect people” said Styn, sharing the passion behind the design, “We connect people to fresh food. We try to connect people to recycle, reuse and reduce.”

Critical to the system is the FreshRealm Vessel, designed with RKS. Historically, the idea of the national delivery of fresh food has been nearly impossible. “We talked with RKS and we explored and we experimented and we talked and we brainstormed” Styn explaining the project’s process, “There’s so many technological things that we had to figure out along the way.” With the invention of the Vessel, FreshRealm can get fresh food to people faster, fresher, more conveniently and to more places than ever before. Styn also gave the audience an inside look at the company’s revolutionary approach to branding, design and logistics through the principles of cooperation, collaboration and co-creation. FreshRealm facilitates “Goodness Fridays” as a way to connect with fellow employees. “Every Friday our company gets together and we go around the [gratitude] circle” explains Styn “we share one thing professionally and one thing personally that we’re grateful for.” As a company that ends its website address with “.co”, since “’.co’ is more collaborative, cooperative”, FreshRealm is a system filled with both logic and love.

“Our first RKS Sessions was a fabulous event, bringing together the worlds of design and tech” shares Becky Feldman, Event Programming Director of Cross Campus, “John Styn led a super engaging presentation and discussion with the audience and we can’t wait to continue the series!”

The next RKS Session will feature Javier Verdura, Director of Product Design at Tesla Motors, who will give the audience a look under the hood of the innovative company- sharing their history, design process and where they’re headed in the future.

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