Discus Whitener   A fresh take on dentistry

Discus Whitener

A fresh take on dentistry

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About Discus Whitener

Most people are under prepared and Robert Hayman and Bill Doorman DDS, co-founders of Discus, wanted to approach dentistry with a fresh eye. The challenge for RKS was to create a two part whitening system that could be prescribed by dentists. The key was to create a prescriptive design language of efficacy and yet not carry the aesthetic of a hypodermic syringe. Since the system could be used anywhere, it couldn’t create any stigma associated with illness or drug use. The resulting design is part dental and part consumer. The patented mixing tip only requires half a twist to attach. Dentists are immediately enchanted with both the device that carries an aesthetic of well-being and in their ability to help their patients create brighter, whiter and happier smiles. Demand ex- ploded to 100,000 kits sold a week and the company grew from four people to over two-hundred. when a major disaster occurs, which is a great concern. The “Hope” app empowers users with the ability to learn what to do in case of a disaster. With its ability to prepare people for a disaster, connect people following a disaster, and provide the vital information and means of donation, its potential to prevent suffering is powerful.

From the initial meeting with RKS in 93, I knew we would be working together for decades. Their methods, dedication and talent helped us emerge from a start-up to a leading global brand in dentistry.
— Robert Hayman Co-Founder and CEO of Discus Dental