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Translate RKS founder Ravi Sawhney’s vision for sharing the importance of design with the wider business community

In conjunction with the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), RKS founder and CEO, Ravi Sawhney, envisioned the development and launch of Catalyst®, an online platform that enables contributors to share case studies that demonstrate the importance of design for business and its contri- butions to society. The challenge for the RKS team was to create a platform for the business and design community as well as a strong brand narrative that promotes engagement.

Working with the Industrial Design Society of America, RKS developed a fully branded platform to share the importance of design

In order to develop this platform RKS assembled a team of brand strategists, designers and writers who collaborated with IDSA throughout the pro- cess. Highly qualified, professional writers ensured the creation of compelling case studies that capture insightful success stories in the design indus- try. The writers interviewed design leaders and executives behind remarkable projects in order to extract and convey challenges, setbacks, success factors, related processes and key takeaways involved in the course of design and innovation programs. In parallel the design team at RKS developed a strong brand appearance for the Catalyst program including the logo, the website design as well as a physical award trophy.

The IDSA Catalyst program provides an unrivaled resource to understanding design’s impact on business

The IDSA Catalyst® program provides a library of cases that communicate design’s contribution to market performance and business success. It en- ables design firms, client companies, academic institutions or any other interested parties to nominate a design success story worthy of study, docu- mentation and preservation. The submission must clearly demonstrate the positive impact of industrial design and how it raises the visibility of design’s global effectiveness in delivering value to businesses, communities and society. The most inspiring case studies are rewarded with the Catalyst award.