Amuen   The artist’s social network


The artist’s social network

Research+Strategy, Industrial Design, Engineering



Develop a social networking site for artists

Based on the great success of the tattoo gun developed for Neuma, a following emerged for the company and those who found new expressions of artistry through Neuma. In order to further propel this following and to better connect with artists everywhere, Neuma engaged RKS to develop a social web site that would allow artists to share their works.

Gain a deep understanding of artists and artistry

We began by analyzing and personifying the artists, an extremely diverse and individualistic group. Through the process of insight generation, by map- ping and analyzing social networks, we found common threads between all artists; the need to share their work, comment, and discuss one another’s work and to advance themselves and their art. This underlying theme was embraced through the wire frames to GUI and onto execution.

A free community for creatives

Based on reversing the name Neuma, we named it “Amuen” a social network dedicated to the journeys of painters, musicians, sculptors, photographers, writers, enthusiasts, and everyone in between. It’s the free online community where creative souls can connect to celebrate, showcase, and in- spire all kinds of creativity and art.