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Design a Guitar Amp that Bridges the Gap between Consumer Audio and Professional Guitar Gear through Cloud Technology

In the guitar world, there are users at all levels that each have unique needs and desires, from hardware to aesthetics, for their equipment. One of the main challenges for the RKS and Line 6 teams was to design a product that could live in the guitar players’ multiple ecosystems, while still being relevant to the individual user. As the first guitar amp with the ability to provide users of all levels to go beyond amplification, the team of designers, engineers and marketeers, had to bridge the gap between consumer audio and guitar gear and create a design language that empowers and allows users at all levels the opportunity to listen to and create music.

Defined the Target Positioning for the Product through Psycho-Aesthetics Mapping

Armed with our history of understanding people and the artistic nature of the guitar world, the team synthesized existing market research and im- mersed themselves within guitar culture alongside the brilliant minds that fuel Line 6’s transformative and disruptive place in the world of music. Key personas defined the psycho-graphics and demographics of the market and identified crucial pain points from aesthetics and function to set up and accessibility. These personas, combined with our ability to rapidly iterate in 3D through our CNC lab, revealed a sweet spot in the market, ushering in a new era in the guitar player’s journey. Collaborations continued with mechanical engineering designing and managing COGs and production methods, following through to execution showing Line 6’s ability to deliver great design.

The AMPLIFI’s Style Allows it to Blend into Any Room, Providing Five Speaker Sound, Bluetooth and Tone Matching Technology Anywhere

The reinvention of the guitar amp required a design language that empowers and allows the opportunity to create music without worry of storage, or disrupting space. With traditional amps visual design and size, they are often banished to the garage or the closet space. AMPLIFI is designed to be accessible at any moment and requires minimal setup. With a recessed interface to allow for easy storage, AMPLIFi purposely lacks the Line 6 badge (which usually indicates guitar amp) to allow it to blend into offices, dens, living rooms and more. Beneath the exterior, the guitar amp is outfitted with a five speaker stereo design plus Bluetooth and tone matching technology. Small in size, considering its big sound, AMPLIFi delivers a guitar amp, high fidelity Bluetooth stereo and cloud technology for instant gratification without complication.