Earpieces that Resonate


Client:     Winplus

Generate a Unique Design Identity for Auto Lifestyle Brand Yada

Creating a design identity that generates high-value differentiation in a crowded and competitive marketplace is one of the toughest challenges companies face. Winplus, an auto lifestyle products company, approached RKS to solve this problem for its new consumer electronics sub-brand Yada. In addition, the new designs needed to improve safety for drivers, while increasing the brand overall appeal for the female market.


Uncovered a Niche in the Very Full Suto Lifestyle Technologies Market

To develop a viable strategy and differentiated design language, the RKS team conducted an in-depth market exploration which including store visits, ethnographic interviews and extensive competitor analysis. Additionally, the team conducted bench marking analyses in several analogous categories in order to identify key attributes for a line of products and their experiences. This design process of ideation was complimented by a thorough study of ergonomics and the development of personas. All the information supported the development of Psycho-Aesthetics mapping to discover clear areas of opportunity that would guide the creation of fresh design directions.


Delivered a Complete Brand Portfolio Laying out Yada’s Design Identity and Value Propositions

A comprehensive brand plan defining a clear value proposition, key attributes and values was developed with the goal to create a relevant and differentiated positioning for Yada. This plan also oriented the creation of an inspiring and cohesive new design identity that appealed to female users and lived seamlessly within their cars. Finally, a complete portfolio plan was presented with a proposed innovation roadmap and product ecosystem that would orient the company’s market growth over the following years.