Unprecedented Toy Success

Teddy Ruxpin

Client:     World of Wonders

Design and Develop the First Animated Toy Bear with Warmth and Personality

Seeking to turn a decade’s long vision of a talking bear into a reality, Ken Foresee and Worlds of Wonder approached RKS to make their idea into a reality. Originally coming to RKS with an unsightly prototype, the challenge for RKS was to present this revolutionary toy technology to children and parents alike in as attractive, engaging, and simple a manner as possible.


Designed an Engaging Toy that is Easy for Small Children to Use and Costs under $20

Designing the world’s first animated toy is no simple feat, however. In addition to aesthetics, the team had to make sure that the design was safe, mass producible, reliable, and could be manufactured for under $20. Working in the days prior to Computer Assisted Design (CAD), the team had to draw every design concept by hand. The concept for Teddy’s head alone featured over 200 dimensions. The team also devised a number of ingenious features to make the bear as simple for young children to use as possible, such as streamlining the stop and eject mechanisms for the story cassettes.


With Over 20 Million Units Sold, One of the Most Iconic and Lovable Toys in History

Originally released in 1985, Teddy Ruxpin quickly took off in both sales and cultural cachet, becoming the highest selling toy of 1985 and 1986 and was named 1985’s “toy of the year.” The original design came equipped with a cassette deck built into his back and through animatronics would move his mouth and eyes in sync with pre-recorded stories. As the world’s first commercially available animated toy, Teddy Ruxpin reshaped the toy market for an entire generation. To date, over 20 million units have been sold worldwide and brand recognition remains extremely high at over 80%