A New Business Strategy Made by Design

SRAM's Strategic Brand

Client:     SRAM


Challenging Overlap Amongst Sub-Brands

SRAM came to RKS for help internally developing their strategic brand roadmap. The company had acquired many sub-brands with confusing brand overlap. Our goal was to offer options to optimize the values of the company’s brands’ offerings using statistical analysis in conjunction with a design strategy approach.


Data Driven Design

The strategic process was based around extensive interviews and surveys. The team analyzed results from thousands of people giving their impressions, associations, and connections with the brand, sub brands, and the sport of biking. From there we were able to leverage results and create strong analysis, comparing and contrasting results from each category, honing in on strengths and weaknesses of brands within each category, considering differences between audiences as well.


An Optimal Strategy

The project resulted with strong, hard data identifying reactions to a full spectrum of brand aspects & offerings. Leveraging brand momentum and equity while capitalizing on the brand agnostic phenomenon led us to recommending the optimal strategic approach for the company.