Results through Redesign

Sonic Port

Client:     Line 6

Awards:     Spark Award — Gold Product (2013)

With every collaboration, the RKS team has shared our spirit of innovation, brought and intuitive and valuable framework to the discussion and offered a very thorough understanding of the customer, market and channels. They’re passionate, highly organized and deliver results that have been more than I expected.
— Paul Foeckler, President & CEO Line 6

Redesign Underperforming Technology that Turns any iOs Device Into a Complete Mobile Studio

After successfully designing Line 6’s L3t speaker system, the company returned with a new challenge: the collaboration on a design for their new Sonic Port technology, which has the power to transform any iOS device into a complete mobile studio. The challenge for RKS was to fashion a design that would be both easily transportable, simple to use, and provide high-functionality.


Observed Musicians on the Go, Mapped and Identified the Whitespace Based on Personas Representing the Market

In order to understand the needs of mobile musicians, the research team observed several musicians as they set up on the go. The team noted a number of pain points, from the difficulty of untangling wires, to the need for a number of different cables—which all add time, energy, and space requirements. This data was synthesized into a plan for a simple, streamlined device.


Went from Being the Lowest Performing to the Highest Performing in their Category

The Sonic Port design relieves a key frustration of musicians on the go by eliminating the time-consuming hassle of connecting multiple cables, while also keeping them untangled. By separating the input/output from the iOS data port on both sides, which are distinctly shaped and colored, the design provides an intuitive understanding of connectivity and organization of cables. In addition, the use of quality materials provides a perceived heft, the tapered down wider base provides a strong planted feel and the slanted shape gives a gestural stance of forward looking engagement.