Fast, Simple and Intuitive UX

Sharp SmartCentral 4.0

Client:     Sharp


Distinguish Sharp's Smart TV UI from the Growing Competition

Sharp has been a world leader in the television category for decades, but with other brands catching up to Sharp’s once firm leadership position in the large panel LED market, the company needed a new focus and fresh differentiation. With an eye toward capturing market share in the expanding Smart TV market, Sharp partnered with RKS to design and distinguish Sharp’s Smart TV UI from the growing competition. With TVs getting ever slimmer, and thus providing fewer opportunities to differentiate based on physical design, UI is central to TV market success.


Identified a New UX Experience for Sharp to Exploit

Through careful study of contemporaneous Smart TV UIs, the research and strategy team identified a pattern amongst the offerings—every UI was very app focused, including Sharp’s. Given this, there was very little differentiation between brands. The team utilized RKS’ proprietary Psycho-Aesthetics to pinpoint a new position for Sharp’s UI offering. The team would move Sharp from just another app based UI to a novel, content based one with a fresh, clean design. Through prototyping, wire framing and visual design, the design team moved this strategy from idea to reality.


Crafted an Acclaimed UX Focused on Getting Consumers to Their Content Quicker

With a unique, minimal visual design, coupled with its focus on content, Sharps RKS designed SmartCentral 4.0 empowers users to search less and discover more. Users can find content quickly and easily from one central location from any source, from online to HDMI. And built with phone and tablet integration in mind in from the very beginning, SmartCentral 4.0 allows for a seamless user experience that enables users to search for content remotely while simultaneously watching content.