Looking Sharp


Client:     Sharp

Elevate the TV Design Above the Competition

After successfully revamping Sharp’s Smart TV UI, the company returned to RKS with a new challenge: to develop a sleek, modern physical TV design to complement and signify the leading edge technology found within the TV itself. That is, while Sharp have always been known as leaders in technology, their design and branding had slowly fallen behind other leading competitors in the category.


Determined the Proper Brand Positioning through Psycho-Aesthetics

It has always been a challenge to create differentiation in the design of televisions. With consumers demanding ever thinner bezels, the opportunities for design, outside of the UX, grow smaller. Using psycho-aesthetics mapping to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape, the team determined that Sharp's new TV had to convey strong branding through a signature look stand and carefully placed CMF elements.


A Modern Design with Minimal Visual Weight

Launched at CES 2015 across Sharp's UHD product line, the new TVs Feature a stand that gives Sharp a signature look by which to stand out from the competition. The TV stand is sculpted to appear statue, while providing minimal distraction to the viewer through its minimal visual weight. In addition, the stand itself can be moved to several different positions, allowing the user to achieve their ideal look and feel and maximize their space.