Family Meals: Faster, Simpler, Better


Client:     SC Johnson


Things Aren’t Working

Families are challenged in so many ways today and when it comes to food storage, the systems simply fail them. We were challenged to understand the daily routines of meal preparation and what problems real people encounter. We studied how families live life in the real world with conflicting schedules and commitments; simply having family dinner together and storing the left overs becomes less and less relevant as we have encountered changes in work-life.


The Times are Changing

Our process started with ethnography, insight generation and testing of hypothetical concepts of families in five north  American cities. Seeing how people prepare for cooking the day before, how they serve dinner for part of their family anticipating that some will be stored and either served later that same day, or how it will be taken with them for work, school or an event. This led to deeper understandings of meal management and created an opportunity for meal size and calorie management through proportion integration into the system. Ultimately, we developed deep insights into people’s real needs and innovated designs that help with preparation, serving, storing and reserving.


Counter Top to Table Top to Refrigerator and Back again

Our solution starts with integrating food preparation tools that mount to our containers allowing a simpler and quicker way to prepare a quality meal and store them before cooking. The same containers are later be used for serving the meal and then again used to stack and store the meals for that family member who comes home later and eats or saving food for later use. This systematic, logical and intuitive solution make lives more manageable, families happier and creates more time to do the things we love, like spending time together.