Public Relations Manager

The Publicist must be excellent in developing and maintaining positive, working relationships with key media. A proven and experienced pro, he/she will often liaise with the company’s worldwide media contacts, clients, event sponsors and charitable partners, and, therefore, should maintain a personable, friendly, polished and professional demeanor. Creative thinking, cultural savvy combined with an ease and confidence of the modern media landscape are all required traits. Passion for design and innovation is a must as the primary goal is to evangelize this leading design firm’s awareness as a thought leader with remarkable success and its subsidiary in Musical Instrument Accessories. This professional should work well under pressure, in a highly charged creative atmosphere, have strong organizational skills and be able to meet frequent deadlines while multi-tasking.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Organization and Impact: you can oversee multiple large projects simultaneously and keep track of several issues/conversations with ease, allowing you to consistently accomplish amazing amounts of important work within tough deadlines 

Honesty and Communication: you listen before you react, are concise and articulate, maintain calm poise in stressful situations and are comfortable with public speaking and presentation.

Selflessness and Passion: our mission resonates with you and you envision yourself caring intensely about our success, not just yours or your departments’, and you are ego-less when it comes to idea/information sharing 

Innovation and Efficiency: you address root causes of problems rather than their symptoms, have a tendency to re-conceptualize difficult situations to find creative but practical solutions, minimize complexity whenever you see it, and are likely to flourish in a dynamic, high-growth, creative business environment.


The Ideal Candidate Will Also Meet or Exceed the Following Criteria:


Bachelor’s degree 

Experience developing and maintaining relationships with marketing partners


Experience managing product brands and executing marketing strategies in multiple product channels

Experience in digital/social media and traditional advertising



Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications:

Excellent Communication and writing skills

Familiarity with Google Analytics, advanced SEO strategies, PPC campaigns

High level of motivation and drive

Excellent team collaboration, communication, and presentation skills

All applicants applying for U.S. job openings must be authorized to work in the United States


International candidates must hold a valid U.S. working permit.