Dental Assistant's Dilemma

Nuance Oral Composite Dispenser

Client:     Discus Dental

Awards:     Nuance: Red Dot (2012), GOOD (2011), IDEA-Silver (2011), Spark! Overall Competition Winner (2011); Zoom!: IDEA Bronze (2003), ID Annual Design Distinctions (2002)

From the initial meeting with RKS in 93, I knew we would be working together for decades. Their methods, dedication and talent helped us emerge from a start-up to a leading global brand in dentistry.
— Robert Hayman, Co-Founder and CEO of Discus Dental


Design a Dental Delivery System that Disrupts the Competition

Following their great success with RKS on dental whitening, Discus Dental, also a leader in dental restorative products, sought to create a superior delivery system for their synthetic resins. They wanted a system that would provide ease-of-use, reduction of waste, and a professional look, feel and operation. The design needed to protect the light sensitive resins, offer meaningful improvement to the user experience, and positively impact profitability.


Performed Extensive Ethnographic Research in Dental Office

To develop the insights necessary to understand user experience and inform the design process, RKS leveraged extensive research, including ethnographic analysis of dental offices and personnel. The team also mapped and benchmarked competitive offerings, brands and target consumer groups in order to identify pain points and new opportunity territories. This set the stage for redesigning the user experience in an easy to use, efficient and aesthetic manner.


A Syringe that Enables Dentals Assistants to Easily Dispense and Measure Expensive Composite Materials

The result was Nuance™, a superior nanoresin composite delivery system. It features an improved extrusion syringe that delivers a superior material, provides easy, efficient operation, instant indication of remaining material, and enhances any office with a professional, carefully branded aesthetic. This new delivery system for synthetic resins benefits both dentists and patients.