Delicious Branding

Gourmet Chocolates Branding

Client:     Marco Paolo Chocolates

Awards:     Good Design (2012)

“We at Marco Paolo Chocolates were fortunate to have a world-class design firm, RKS, help us fuse our ideas, image, product, and style into a notable brand. Without the creative team at RKS I doubt that Marco Paolo Chocolates would even be considered a brand. Thank you, Ravi Sawhney and all the people at RKS Design.”
— Mark Lewis, Founder of Marco Paolo Chocolates

Design and launch a gourmet chocolate brand

Entrepreneur Mark Lewis came to RKS with a hunger to turn his passion for gourmet chocolates into an e-commerce and catering business. While Mark had a bounty of creative and unique flavor pairings to share, he needed RKS to really get his business and brand launched. The challenge for RKS was to create a brand platform that would resonate with chocolate lovers everywhere.


Identified the consumer groups and understand emotional associations to chocolate

RKS worked first to identify key target consumer groups and distribution channels. The team benchmarked the competitive landscape for gourmet chocolates on all aspects of product and service features. Using RKS’ Psycho-Aesthetics® methodology, the team gained deep insight into various emotional needs and how to position the new brand in order to successfully attract consumers in this segment.


The new design language translates the brand’s revolutionary technology through product aesthetics and interactions

The final brand design is a sophisticated and meaningful identity distinctive from other artisan confectioners. The packaging design conveys Marco Paolo's brand values: artisanal craftsmanship, pure ingredients, social and ecological values, and a love for adventure. RKS' integrated strategy, design and brand building services worked holistically to quickly turn a detectable business idea into a delicious reality.