Success by Design

Consumer Electronics

Client:     LG

Elevate the Brand Perception through Design

Seeking to strategically reposition themselves, LG sought RKS’ help in reinvigorating its major appliance and consumer electronics offerings. LG challenged RKS to develop compelling brand designs across a broad range of offerings, from cellular phones to vacuum cleaners. The new strategy had to convey high-perceived value and elevate emotional engagement.


Examined Emotional Brand Touchpoints Across the Consumer Experience

The research process proceeded on three fronts:

First, to meet the need of understanding consumers’ emotional response to LG’s products, the team conducted extensive color, material,and texture (CMT) research. This process uncovered that color alone could have a great influence on consumer response.

Second, the team performed research in home environments in order to understand how LG products fit with the surrounding décor.

Finally, the team studied the experience and expectations of the consumer, which uncovered the features users valued most, performance and ease-of-use.

A key document was created to direct the designing of major appliances focusing on 110 touch points of the refrigerator .Each touch point had an individual Psycho map analyzing LG’s position against seven key competitors, and identifying a game plan to create disruptive success.


An Engaging, Modular Retail Experience with Open Architecture, Digital Displays and Quickly Understood Information

The solution developed for Gizmo Live is a versatile marketing platform that allows brands to showcase and sell new technology in an attractive and easy to understand manner. The consumer is engaged with open architecture, natural flow of traffic, comfortable seating, digital displays, and straightforwardly accessed information. Composed of modular elements, the Gizmo Live system is highly transformable, able to shape-shift to accommodate a variety of environments and a diverse selection of products.