Hand Powered Washing Machine

Laundry Pod

Client:     RKS

Awards:      IDEA — Bronze (2010); Intl. Design Awards — 2nd Place (2011); Core 77 — Category Winner (2011); Spark Award — Spark! (2009); ID Magazine Annual — Honorable Mention (2011)

It’s a great example of thinking outside of the box.
— Gizmag.com


Address the Needs of Hand Laundry Users

RKS was approached by the American Dryer Corporation who found an interesting need in the market for a hand powered solution that reduced the amount of water used when users wanted to wash a small load of laundry.  They discovered that women were currently utilizing the Zyliss Smart Touch™ Salad Spinner which was created by RKS to wash their delicate items.


Adapted our Previously Successful Salad Spinner Technology for Small Laundry Loads

RKS worked with the cross-disciplinary design and engineering team to further develop a solution that would enable users to wash their smaller loads of laundry in a more efficient manner.  The goal was to improve on existing portable hand washers on the market and provide the users with a solution that would be easier to use, reduce the risk of damaging items, and improve drying time.


An Off-the-Grid Laundry Machine that Uses No Electricity and Minimal Water

RKS adapted a simple kitchen technology into the laundry room, designing a clean, space efficient, and functional washer to promote water and energy savings. This hand powered machine can be used in a household to substitute or augment an electric washing machine and can also be used off the grid. It enables users to save electricity as well as dozens of gallons of water per load. The Laundry Pod can also travel with you for convenience and monetary savings no matter where you go.