KOR Water Product Portfolio


KOR Water


KOR One — GOOD (2008), Spark Award Bronze (2009), IDA 1st (2008); Delta — GOOD (2012)

Vida  IDEA Bronze (2011), GOOD (2011), IDA 2nd (2011); Aura — GOOD (2011), If Award (2011)

From KOR’s humble beginnings, RKS has been a cornerstone of our success to use design and innovation to create and redefine the sustainable hydration category. Ravi and his team at RKS see with more than mere eyes; they engage all five senses, plus the heart and mind, to understand human desires at a fundamental level and then masterfully articulate that understanding into products that connect emotionally.
— Eric Barnes and Paul Shustak, Co-Founders of KOR Water

Create the First Smart, Safe and Stylish Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottle waste is a major environmental problem, with four out of every five empty bottles being landfilled. Recognizing this problem, KOR Water approached RKS to make their vision of healthier, more sustainable and reusable water bottles a reality. The challenge for RKS was to create a design the consumer would value and embrace. In this way, the design experience would need to be simple, convenient, non-toxic as well as iconic, in order to drive adoption rates.


Collaborated with Eastman to Bring the Revolutionary Tritan Plastic to the Market

Our research uncovered that people were becoming more and more uncomfortable with the damage to the environment being created by disposable water bottles and simultaneously, awareness of health risks from materials containing BPA were rising. At the same time, demand for water as a healthy alternative to soft drinks were rising rapidly in all markets. Strategic mapping, personas, and analytics were shared with KOR’s founders and leveraged into our concept development. Sketches were quickly translated into foam studies created on our CNC machine centers to augment renderings and experience concepts.Weaknesses in competitor offerings then became obvious to us: the aesthetics, the handles, the look and feel on the lips, the pour, the protection of the drinking surface from dirt and bacteria, and most importantly; the beautification of the water itself.


The Design Language Complemented by Safe Materials has Generated Millions of Units in Sales, Unprecedented Viral Awareness, and Distribution in over 100 Countries

The result was the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel, which offers simple, one-handed operation and provides the look and feel of glass without being as fragile by using BPA-free TritanTM translucent plastic. The attention to design, detail, and lifestyle distinguished the KOR ONE  and helped it quickly capture the attention of consumers, media, and celebrities. In addition to the design media we connected with on behalf of KOR, the most valuable exposure was the organic placement of KOR in highly visible positions in Ironman 2, which helped trigger global attention. Today KOR Water is a leading provider of reusable water bottles in the global market place with distribution in over 100 countries.