Riding in Style


RD Series Car Amplifier


JL Audio

The RD project is all about increasing the value of our affordable car audio amplifiers. These new amps deliver innovative thinking in terms of circuit design, features, industrial design and mechanical design, and we couldn’t be more pleased with them.
— JL Audio Executive VP, Jeff Scoon

Standing Out

Our goal was to translate JL Audio’s core attributes into and amplifier product portfolio that would not only amaze current brand loyalists but also attract new adoptees. The auto amplifier market is very competitive and highly saturated where high quality design reflecting state of the art technology in an understated but powerful way is rarely seen but much needed.

jlaudio process.jpg

Attacking Our Opportunity Zone

The design process started with detailed front end research and ethnography. Stemming from category shortcomings we identified five opportunity areas based on JL Audio’s brand, products, and customers. These opportunity areas were in platform modularity, installation connectivity, form factor, UX touch points, and branding elements.


Setting a New Standard

The design resulted in many new features and design elements that set the JL Audio RD Series far apart from every amplifier on the market. From clean aesthetics and high perceived value to efficiency and ease from new capabilities, the RD series design sets the bar high in this competitive market.