Innovating New Businesses

Intel Emerging Market Industrial PCs Business Playbook

Client:     Intel


Create New Computing Business Opportunities for the Emerging Markets

How do you create innovation within a complex environment? To answer this question, Intel entrusted RKS to develop its “Emerging Market Industrial PCs (EMIPC) Playbook” that would define strategies and opportunities for offerings in the industrial segment in China and South East Asia. This key strategic project would articulate the unmet and under served needs of end users and key value chain participants, address existing and potential gaps which Intel could bridge with new technologies and business models, and conceptualize and visualize product and service concepts over a strategic road map.


Mapped the Existing Industry and Charted its Potential Futures

Armed with varied methods and proprietary analytical tools, RKS navigated the complex segment environment in China and Southeast Asia. RKS’ research and strategy teams conducted extensive research to analyze the complex manufacturing ecosystems in the region within small, medium and large factories across different production processes. RKS’ Psycho-Aesthetics mapping and other analytical tools helped reveal gaps in existing industrial solutions, which were complicated, disparate, and not scalable over timeClose collaboration with Intel and industry experts helped project potential end-states within the category, define the value KPIs desired by key ecosystem participants, and discover solutions and resources which could contribute to overcoming challenges for achieving the ideal factory.


A Successful New Venture and Business Playbook

RKS revealed three new potential business ventures for Intel visualized in a comprehensive playbook with opportunity road maps and size of the prize financial projections – including total available market (TAM), serviceable available market (SAM) and serviceable obtainable market (SOM). These new business models not only connect industrial ecosystems with the internet of things, but also build upon each other and are scalable with respect to growth and new manufacturing needs of small to large factories. As a result of this playbook, Intel successfully released its first venture “Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series” which reduces cost, complexity, and footprint by consolidating multiple industrial workloads into one system and multiple factory functions in a single hardware platform.