All-in-One Home Theatre

Client:     In2Technology

Awards:     CEA Innovation — Design and Engineering (2012); GOOD Design (2012)

After interviewing 15 leading design firms, RKS was a notch above the rest! The commitment to excellence and success of our company felt like we were walking into a family, not a firm.
— Todd Beauchamp, President of In2Technologies

Design and Brand an Innovative 5.1 Sound TV Stand

In2Technologies, a company dedicated to bringing simple to operate audio and video solutions to people, came to RKS with a unique home theater-in-a-box concept called t-Shape™. The t-Shape™ is a full 5.1 channel surround sound system consisting of a TV stand with built in speakers and subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers. RKS collaborated with In2Technologies to elevate product design and branding to a more sophisticated level in order to engage consumers seeking simplicity and high quality audio performance.


Studied the Complete Home Theatre Experience for Consumers

To define the primary consumer segment, RKS devised a three part research program. First, the team studied people in their homes, seeking to understand what part television played in their lives and how it is integrated into their living rooms. Second, the team analyzed the retail experience of shopping for and ultimately choosing a home theatre system. And finally, the team studied the unboxing and installation of competitive systems. These insights coalesced into the definition and selection of the primary consumer segment—women and young families.

This segment has a passion for digital media and demands convenient and high quality audio, video, and entertainment experiences, but lacks the time, desire, or skill-set to install a more traditional surround sound system.


A Simple Design that Integrates into any Living Room within Fifteen Minutes

RKS created four core brand values for In2Technologies: refreshing simplicity, elegant design, reliable performance, and seamless connectivity that builds the foundation for the creation of the “Engage” brand platform. This product brand is smart, elegant, and distinctive, offering simplicity with better performance, connectivity and design. Engage’s first offering, Unity, is a high-perceived value experience that goes from un-boxing to enjoyment of world-class audio in only 15 minutes, while at the same time easily integrating into virtually any living room.