A Musician's Best Friend

Hydra Triple Guitar Stand

Client:     D&A Guitar Gear


Overcoming Instability with All New Innovation in Guitar Stands

A beloved musical instrument takes a journey to find, and once a guitarist discovers the one, they are inseparable. The value of a favorite guitar is so high because not only can these instruments be highly costly but guitarists fall in love with the unique qualities of the one they have broken in and gotten close to over the years. It is common, however, for people to accidentally bump and tip over these precious, irreplaceable, one of a kind instruments causing irreversible damage. Guitarists often store their guitars on unstable guitar stands, many of which hold more than one guitar. Musicians commonly need multiple guitars with different capabilities at their disposal without using an excessive amount of separate stands or compromising floor space. Multi guitar stands, however, have been some of the most unreliable stands causing balance issues that lead to many lost treasures. The RKS Design team aimed their focus towards solving the common problems associated with instability in guitar stands that hold multiple guitars. There was a clear need in the market for a sturdy, safe, and reliable solution. RKS Incubation D&A Guitar Gear has already had great success with the single guitar Starfish series stands which are known for their amazing amount of resistance to falling over from tilt, as well as their 5 legged stance which is the key to their stability and different than literally ever other stand on the market. The challenge was creating an equally, if not more, stable stand that could hold an additional 2 guitars, for a total of three safely hung guitars.


Understanding & Integrating Guitarists’ Needs

The design process stemmed from extensive user experience focused research on problems faced by guitar stand users. The RKS team met with musicians and dove deeply into the way they use guitar stands. “We looked into every how and why through the process of hanging, storing, and retrieving a guitar. Why do musicians need multiple stands? What problems have been run into with their current stands? What emotions are associated with reliable vs. unreliable stands?” The team confirmed that many beloved and valuable guitars had been lost due to unreliable storing systems. Removing two guitars from a poorly designed, unbalanced triple guitar stand has often lead to the third’s disastrous fall. We also found that hanging a bass on a generic single or triple guitar stand can be equally disastrous. The idea of a guitar stand musicians could truly trust with their prized instruments filled them with a great sense of comfort and enthusiasm for the creation. Research continued as a working prototype was debuted at the 2015 NAMM expo. RKS received feedback from M.I. reps, dealers, distributors, consumers, professional musicians, and recording artists. “We were overwhelmed by the response as the crowds were mesmerized at the design, aesthetics, and the build quality of D&A’s new ‘bad boy’.”


A Sturdy, Safe, & Reliable Solution

The HYDRA has gone ‘one step’ beyond (no pun intended) the original 5 legged starfish with its all new 6 legged stance, making it virtually fall-over-free. It incorporates D&A’s Headlock technology, three times over, with triple locking heads utilizing clear bullet-proof gates to keep ‘falling out of the stand’ as well as the aesthetics of an instrument, free and clear. The HYDRA is unphased by dramatic changes in weight, effortlessly holds from 1 to 3 guitars (or even basses), and foresees and withstands unforeseen rattlings. Guitar players can now rest easy knowing that their favorite instruments are in good hands. Not only is the HYDRA itself incredibly strong and stable, but the its packaging is equally secure for a safe delivery. The trapezoidal carton shape as well as the super-dense foam inner core were designed to make sure that the HYDRA will be shipped absolutely seamlessly, free from carrier damage. The extensive design process resulted in a stand that musicians can truly trust to hang their precious babies on… finally.