Disaster Relief

Hope App: A Disaster Relief Smartphone App

Client:     RKS

Connect People in the Most Unconnected Times

Most people are under prepared and isolated when a major disaster occurs, which is a great concern. RKS and the interactive agency InterFUEL partnered to address this lack of disaster preparedness in the US. Both parties envisioned achieving this through the creation of a simple and effective app to improve preparedness levels, connect with loved ones following a disaster, provide relevant information and the means to donate to people in need.


Created an App that Connects Disaster Hit Communities Among Themselves and the Outside World

The design team analyzed data about what people experience before, during and after a disaster focusing on preparedness, awareness and interaction. Following this approach, the team identified four main themes: “Being Prepared”, “Being Connected”, “Being Informed” and “Being Hope”. These themes guided the design of the actual app, the user experience as well as the related content with the aim to strategically generate user adoption.


The Hope App Prepares, Connects, Informs and Builds Hope Among Communities in Disaster Hit Areas

The “Hope” app empowers users with the ability to learn what to do in case of a disaster. Additionally, the app is customizable for particular regions, given that disasters that are likely to occur in California are quite different than those in say Florida. With its ability to prepare people for a disaster, connect people following a disaster, and provide the vital information and means of donation, its potential to prevent suffering is powerful.