The XRP is an efficient, scalable pipetting system for labs in the bio-chemical, pharmacological and forensic fields. The design communicates the accuracy, authority, and reliability as a centerpiece pipetting system that seamlessly integrates into the lab environment. With easy to access doors and simple functionality through its intuitive touch screen interface it has become a staple in the lab environment.

Awards:     GOOD Design (2011); IDEA — Bronze (2011); Spark Award — Challenger (2011)


“It has been our experience in dealing with RKS design that they have raised the bar for the whole industry. Time after time they have delivered to our products, cost effective, functional, and artful designs that have cause our customers to reflect on the wisdom of their purchase. And no matter what the product, our company enjoys a common look and feel on all of their work. It does not get any better than what RKS delivers.”

— Steve Hamilton
CEO of Hamilton Company