Pop-Up Technology

Interactive Retail Pavilion Platform

Client:     Gizmo Live

We were very pleased in RKS’ approach to our business. After working with several design firms over the years, RKS was the only one to understand that what our design needed was about “feel.” Not just what you could do there with some interactive component but how the space and the design made you feel and how that part of it connected the consumer to our brand. Their Psycho-Aesthetics was spot on.
— Kevin Bradley, CEO of Gizmo Media

Create a Flexible Pop-Up Store System that can be Easily Customized

Because of an overload of information, clearly communicating details about the latest electronic gadgets with consumers is a serious difficulty for consumer electronic brands. Gizmo Live approached RKS Design to create a flexible pop-up store system that would enable their corporate clients to offer customized retail service experiences to consumers. The challenge for RKS was to design an attractive and stimulating pop-up store experience that aids consumers with their decision making in a simple and intuitive manner. This new setup had to be adaptable to various environments such as malls and retailers as well as customizable for different consumer electronic brands.


Conducted Extensive Study of the Consumer Experience Within the Mall Environment

To better understand the consumer’s mindset, the RKS research team employed its proprietary Psycho-Aesthetics methodology. Ethnographic studies were conducted in stores and malls to examine consumer behavior and traffic flows in different environments and a variety of scenarios. RKS also analyzed interactions between consumers, products, the environment, store employees, marketing messages and factors that drive purchase decision-making. The insight analysis led to greater clarity of consumer needs in the shopping experience and a set of constraints to design the pop-up store system.


An Engaging, Modular Retail Experience with Open Architecture, Digital Displays and Quickly Understood Information

The solution developed for Gizmo Live is a versatile marketing platform that allows brands to showcase and sell new technology in an attractive and easy to understand manner. The consumer is engaged with open architecture, natural flow of traffic, comfortable seating, digital displays, and straightforwardly accessed information. Composed of modular elements, the Gizmo Live system is highly transformable, able to shape-shift to accommodate a variety of environments and a diverse selection of products.