Gaming Controls for Tablets


Client:     Wikipad

From ambition to execution, RKS has delivered us an award-winning solution both on time and in budget!
— Matthew Joynes, Founder and Chairman of Wikipad

Design a Unique, Removable Gaming Controller for Tablets under the Wikipad Brand

Start-up Wikipad came to RKS with an exciting challenge: design the first removable gaming controller for tablets to provide game players with full game immersion through D-pad game controls. RKS was further challenged to create a fresh and relevant brand strategy and platform for Wikipad, including brand positioning, logo, style guide, U.I., packaging design, advertising, trade show, corporate website and innovative e-commerce UX.


Developed a Premium Design Language to Match the Leading Tablets in the Market

Moving a controller made for a single tablet to a flexible platform introduced a number of design-related challenges. Through an in-depth analysis of the tablet market, the design characteristics of leading tablets, and the difficulties of component sourcing and engineering, the team determined that while the controller had to be flexible, it could not be too flexible or else it would not match the design characteristics of existing tablets, would require superfluous components, and would be much larger than it had to be. The team therefore determined that the controller would need to be customized for each of the leading tablets in order to integrate seamlessly with their already beautiful designs.


A Superior Controller that Seamlessly Integrates with Leading Tablets

Announced to the public at E3 2014, the Gamevice is the world’s first tablet specific controller. With its familiar D-pad configuration, it allows seasoned gamers to easily translate the console gaming experience anywhere. And, because the device borrows from and seamlessly integrates with Apple and Android tablets, consumers do not have to compromise aesthetics for functionality. The Gamevice brings tablet gaming to the masses.