Fresh Food For All

FreshRealm Fresh Food Delivery System

Client:     FreshRealm

Awards:     IDEA Silver (2013)

Upon our first meeting with RKS the stars were all aligned. We met and it was instant connection. They got what we were trying to do.
— Mike Lippold, CEO of FreshRealm

Develop a new platform and brand to ship food directly from growers to consumers


FreshRealm, a technology start-up with a mission to make fresh food a possibility for all, wanted to create an accessible platform to connect consumers with fresh food producers and reduce the waste involved in the system.  They saw that while 48 million people in the United States live in food insecure households, 40% of food grown perishes before it reaches the market. The challenge for the teams from RKS and FreshRealm was to define, design and introduce a new platform and brand that is able to ship fresh food straight from growers to consumers or business in convenient and sustainable way, ultimately reducing the wastage of perishable food.


Determined optimal shipping form factors, food values, temperature requirements and the end user experience

To better position the FreshRealm technology and brand, the research team analyzed the current food production and delivery ecosystem; from growers, to pickers, to shippers and consumers. Through user shadowing and interviews with key ecosystem players the research team formulated critical needs insights and challenges needed for both economic and consumer benefits. Analysis was undertaken to identify optimal shipping form factors, combined with food values, shipping times/cooling requirements, channel analysis, consumer experience, and ergonomics.


FreshRealm delivers food within two days through a reusable vessel that keeps food cold for forty hours without adding cost utilizing cloud technology


The FreshRealm Cloud is designed by FreshRealm to yield massive efficiency, make fresh food accessible everywhere while greatly reducing distribution time and the amount of food that is wasted. By connecting the food makers, food packers, food carriers, merchants and shoppers via cloud technology, FreshRealm reinvents the current distribution of food and is able to lower costs, add convenience and reduce the time to it takes to reach the consumer by 80% and increases the amount of available fresh food by 75%. FreshRealm delivers food two days after it’s made directly to people’s homes and places of work in a reusable vessel that keeps food cold at 40◦ F for 40 hours without any electricity or consumables. The cloud technology and refurbishable vessel allows geographically-distant individuals and organizations to work together for on-demand food-making and just-in-time national food delivery.