Premium Water Bottle Refill Station

The FloWater brand and refill station delivers incredible tasting and refreshing water with an experience that is reflective of the founder’s mission and vision to eliminate disposable water bottles while also providing easy to use functionality with a compelling visual and user experience. Thecollaborative design thinking process ultimately created a simple, high-end, lifestyle product. After being installed in gyms, schools, work spaces, hotels and colleges, adoption has soared with immediate love and affection being shown for the system.

Awards:     Spark Award — Bronze (2014)


“RKS is the best innovation and design consulting firm with whom I’ve ever worked. Their passion, creativity, and ability to execute (and on schedule AND budget!) is unparalleled. Not only did they create exceptional work, but they were an absolute blast to work with as well”

— Rich Razgaitis
CEO of FloWater