Pure Water, No Waste

Premium Water Bottle Refill Station

Client:     FloWater

Awards:     Spark Award — Bronze (2014)

RKS is the best innovation and design consulting firm with whom I’ve ever worked. Their passion, creativity, and ability to execute (and on schedule AND budget!) is unparalleled. Not only did they create exceptional work, but they were an absolute blast to work with as well.
— Rich Razgaitis, CEO of FloWater

Craft a Design and Brand Language to Attract Water Bottle Consumers to a Refill Alternative

Our client dedicated himself to his college Capstone aiming to end non-reusable bottled water forever by becoming the first nationally recognized source for premium, chilled, locally sourced water bottle refills. He founded FloWater and aspired to convert bottled water consumers to FloWater “refillers.” The challenge for RKS was to create a design and brand language that could attract, engage and fulfill institutions’ and businesses’  aspirations to provide the wellness of great water in a way that motivates and rewards through design and technology. We worked to deliver on this entrepreneur’s dream to make the world a better place.


Identified an Opportunity Zone to Effectively Position the Brand and Attract Consumers

Our strategy team created a series of Psycho-Aesthetic maps that revealed holes in the consumer’s experience and offerings. For the water bottle market, the team noted four primary varieties of water brands: generic, source, lifestyle, and tech.

Generic included store brands and simple, no frill varieties.

Source water focused on brands which highlighted the origin of the water.

Lifestyle brands promoted particular ways of living.

And tech highlighted brands focused on providing functionality, such as alkaline content.

The team determined that combining features from lifestyle and tech water had great potential in promoting and differentiating FloWater. For the refill market, the team noted that current solutions ranged from simple, fast and somewhat generic to high-end, vending machine like stations, often with significant advertising. The team determined that an opportunity zone lies in combining features from both varieties.

Design efforts circled simultaneously around our team’s assertions and developed the branding, product design , mission and experience through iterative collaborations with the founder and his seasoned CEO, who came on board believing in the mission and his ability to make this great dream a reality.


A Sustainable Water Solution with Intuitive User Experience and Branding that Easily Attracts Engages and Rewards

The FloWater brand and refill station delivers incredible tasting and refreshing water with an experience that is reflective of the founder’s mission and vision while also providing easy to use functionality with a compelling visual and user experience. After being installed in Gyms, Work Spaces and Colleges, adoption has soared with immediate love and affection being shown for the system. Installed in our satellite in Santa Monica at Cross Campus, people choose wait in line to get their fresh water over 1,000 times per week!