Design Meets Durability

D&A Guitar Gear

Client:     RKS

“The Starfish is more than just a guitar stand. It’s a fully functional work of art created with thoughtful design and precise engineering. Whether I’m on tour or in the studio, I can be confident that my guitars are resting safely and beautifully displayed.”
— Michael “Fish” Herring, Guitarist

Provide disruptively well designed and engineered guitar accessories at an affordable price


The guitar accessories market is a conservative and saturated market where companies traditionally focus on product features while aggressively competing on price. This market hasn’t seen any disruptive innovation or groundbreaking product design for decades and musicians were forced to choose between two evils: cheap, low quality products or too expensive solutions. With a solid background in building exceptional electric guitars and serving many relevant clients in the music industry, such as Line 6 and JBL, the design team at RKS started to ask a simple question: “Why can’t there be affordable music accessories that look great, work well and protect our instruments at the same time?”


Collaborated with musicians while innovating guitar accessories that protect and display the instrument as a piece of art


Having a closer look at the market, the research and strategy team at RKS identified a huge opportunity to create more appealing and rugged music accessories of high quality which truly satisfy the needs of musicians at all levels. With this promising opportunity territory in mind, the D&A Guitar Gear brand was born. After hundreds of prototypes and a vast number of product iterations, as well as intense collaborations with musicians, the music community and outstanding manufacturers, two core product lines were created – guitar stands and guitar hangers – which fuse RKS’ ideas with the thoughts and opinions of guitar pros.


Guitar stands and hangers as beautiful as the instruments they hold


Today D&A is an established brand in the music accessories market and successfully provides smart, user-friendly, high quality design solutions at affordable prices. Our guitar hangers are designed with the musician in mind. They uniquely and safely display guitars as a piece of art for all to admire, leveraging unique materials that are safe for all guitar types and finishes. Customers also love the D&A gigstands because they are portable, functional yet beautiful, easy and intuitive to set up, while seamlessly transitioning from storage to use. If you are interested in learning more about D&A products please visit the online store at: HEYDNA.COM