A Family Flying Experience

cAir: Air Travel for Families

Client:     RKS

They architected a new flying experience, based on the real-life challenges of family travelers; a stark departure and inspiration for an industry traditionally focused on efficiency.
— Dexigner.com


Conceptualize a Family Service for the Airline Industry

RKS’ goal was to conceptualize a service design venture that would inspire the air travel industry to change how services are delivered to traveling families. The challenge was to design a comprehensive service that would address this segment’s specific, unmet needs.


Identified the Unmet Needs of Family Travelers

To better understand the challenges and pressures facing family travelers, the RKS research team became immersed in families’ flying experiences through ethnography. By conducting extensive interviews, analyzing social media and going along with families through the entire flying process, RKS was able to better understand the unique challenges and pressures encountered by family travelers.


An Enjoyable Flying Experience for Families

The solution became Project cAir, a pleasant, hassle-free air travel service that improves the customer experience at six key touch points: entertainment, ambience, food, seating, lavatory, and storage. Specific features include a rent-a-toy service to keep children entertained during their trip, sound curtains that allow privacy to parents while soothing children in their seats, and a diaper friendly lavatory large enough to fit both parent and child.