Rock and Roll Meets Hinduism

Blue Label Music Brand Identity

Client:     Blue Label Music


Brand a Music Label

Music is a life-long passion for the RKS team. So when Dr. Reamesh Sawhney and legendary musician Dave Mason challenged RKS to develop fresh branding for their record label, the team jumped at the opportunity. The client asked that the logo incorporate both classical rock and roll elements and Indian cultural motifs.


Combined Elements of Rock and Roll and Hinduism

Research was conducted into the visual iconography of ancient Hindu mythology and classic rock and roll album covers. The team noted an overlap in 70’s rock and roll covers and meditative iconography. This was particularly evident in Dave Mason’s collaborations with Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison. This led to concepts that could fuse the two cultures.


An Iconic Brand

The final brand icon is one with an unusual mystique and visual language. Rock and roll from the 60s and 70s carried an ethos and feeling of change, revolution and fear due to the tumult of the times. In contrast, the Indian ethos carries themes of enlightenment and wellbeing for all. Combined, they create an inspirational and iconic brand.