Infrared Surveillance


Client:     BAE Systems

Create the Firs Handheld Thermal Imager for Military and Law Enforcement

Creating a design solution that accommodates many sophisticated technological features within an optimal functional form is a tough challenge many companies face developing new products. BAE Systems, a global provider of defense and security products, recruited RKS Design to help solve this problem for the development of a new infrared camera. With a goal to create the first handheld thermal imager designed to provide law enforcement and security personnel with the capability to configure individual units to meet specific mission requirements, this product had to conciliate the requirements of being compact, light, waterproof and extremely durable to survive harsh environmental conditions.


Worked Closely with Key Stakeholders to Understand the Unique Challenges Faced by Military and Law Enforcement

Through a highly collaborative process, RKS worked closely with key stakeholders to conceptualize, test and refine different solutions to address this challenge. The client, third parties, material suppliers and manufacturers were deeply involved in the process to address and help resolve specific issues and test potential solutions. The RKS engineering team also worked very closely with the GE Plastics team throughout the engineering of the camera to select materials that both met the durability requirements for the product and kept the final cost of goods as low as possible.


A Modular, yet Rugged and Water Proof IR Camera that is Up to any Challenge

The BAE HHC 100 was developed as a low-cost, lightweight and very rugged IR camera that packs many sophisticated electronics in a small and flexible form factor. A high degree of versatility is offered by its modular design, which allows images to be configured to meet the challenging mission requirements encountered by law enforcement and security professionals. Its differentiated outer case sealing not only ensures zero water migration into the camera during submersion, but also ensures the unit can survive a concrete drop. Finally, a number of additional ingenious features were integrated such as quick lens replacement, interchangeable visors, and rotating handles for ergonomic variability. The high level of collaboration combined with unique design and engineering innovations contributed to make the HHC 100 a powerful addition to the BAE Systems product line.