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Observe, Engage and Insight

We have shown great value in our study of target consumers and channels. Through our advanced techniques in  ethnography, interviewing, testing and empathizing, we identify needs, aspirations, motivations, pain points and experience scenarios, and do so domestically and internationally. And, in doing so we have consistently set the stage for and provided validation of highly relevant and meaningful innovation and design.


Frame the Problem Holistically

We look at every innovation challenge holistically. By utilizing four distinct lenses—People, Offerings, Brand, and Business—we inform the design process and understand implications on a company. We carefully analyze the interconnections between objects, activities, environments and ideas that make up people’s lives in order to uncover the means to engage consumers emotionally.



Apply an Adaptive,  Iterative Process 


Each innovation challenge is unique – hence the need to craft a process that is adaptable. Our process is iterative, from  insight discovery and collaborative idea generation to rapid prototyping, design refinement and realization, it cyclically builds a solid foundation at each stage. Our team of cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural individuals embrace the convergent and divergent nature of the process with unique viewpoints and the ultimate goal of providing meaningful solutions for our global clients.



Develop a Custom, Comprehensive Toolkit

Through a calculated mixture of expertise, versatility and instinct, we deploy the right set of methodologies at the right time to make meaningful impact. From ethnographic research to co-creation techniques with customers and clients alike, we select from wide variety of tools, adapting and redefining them for the specific needs of each project. Our multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary team understands ecosystems through a layered approach, uncovering the differences between what people say, do, think and feel. We synthesize raw data as well as unarticulated user needs into actionable design insights, propelling us to deliver human-centered solutions.

Guided by 

RKS utilizes Psycho-Aesthetics®, a proprietary design  strategy framework based on Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, to strategically frame meaningful consumer experiences and game changing business opportunities. This simple to use framework enables the translation of peoples’ desires into visual context while providing direction for innovation teams throughout the process of a project. We use it to map consumer segments, position products, services and brands, analyze industry landscapes and to frame new business opportunities. With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve created thousands of Psycho-Aesthetics® reports across disciplines, industries and continents, working with Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, and teach our philosophy at leading design and business schools. Learn more about Psycho-Aesthetics through the Harvard Business School exercise here.


It’s not how you feel about the design
or experience, it’s how it
makes you feel about yourself
— RKS Founder and CEO, Ravi Sawhney


Create Results that Resonate


In the social media age, individuals hold the power to fuel viral demand that create market leadership; therefore, learning how to create, enrich and empower meaningful experiences has risen to vital importance. Brought to life by Joseph Campbell, the “Hero’s Journey” is a basic, widely distributed pattern across global cultures and narratives. It describes the typical adventure of the archetype known as The Hero, the person who goes out and achieves great deeds on behalf of the group, tribe, or civilization. RKS translated Campbell’s pattern of narrative into an applicable Psycho-Aesthetics® framework for understanding consumer engagement, adoption and advocacy that is flexible enough to examine purchase decisions of varying complexity. It enables ‘heroic evangelists’ to be meaningful catalysts for propelling brand adoption through their authenticity, speed and global reach. We leverage this understanding by delivering meaningful experiences that excite consumers and innovation that ignites viral demand globally.

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